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  Your Arrival (3:54)


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  • Arrive early, 15 mins early
  • Give bride a big hug, be excited for her.
  • Be calm! Even if you are freaking out inside
  • Never tell a bride or groom if anything is going wrong
  • Know the MOH and Best Man’s names! They will be your best buddies that day, especially the MOH!
  • Have assistant be in charge of watching equipment

How to carry your equipment

  • Roller bag
  • Pack necessary lenses without lens caps on either ends, on me.
  • Need more room – give a lens to your second shooter. Same camera system is great if you both are using same– Canon or Nikon.
  • Cards are always on me.
  • I do not roll the bag around, left in brides room. After portraits I go back and get it, switch out any lenses and move roller bag to reception area by the DJ who is setting up (say hi! He’s watching your stuff for you!) Usually under the table.

 No flash in the back of the church what to do?

  • If you have to stay in the back of the church, portrait lens
  • 70-200/2.8 is a great way to stay out of the way. Put it on a crop frame camera and it’s even more telephoto.
  • No flash: Bump up your ISO, shoot wide open so you have a fast shutter speed.
  • Ceremony is in the middle of the day
  • Nothing you can do about it unless you helped them schedule ceremony time prior
  • Remember ceremony is not the end of the world, portraits are everything to them.
  • I would rather have a middle of the day ceremony than inside ceremony
  • Try to backlight the subjects as you move around them.